Monday, February 19, 2007

Day Uno!

Hello all....we are winding down our first full day in San Antonio! We arrived safely yesterday afternoon after a long day of travel, settled in, and got lots of logistics taken care of. It was a pretty full day and everyone was beat by the time the evening rolled around. We wrapped up with a quiet "Candles of Joy and Concern."

Today was our first day at the worksites. Our ten groups went out to four different sites. You'll hear about all of them throughout the week, but here is a brief tale from Henry Luerhman and Leanna Balloffet about RAMP, where several of us went:

RAMP was a really great project to start out with. It was long and strenuous and dirty, but we did accomplish building a whole ramp for a disabled elderly woman. It was 22 feet of aweseom! The highlights were learning to built a ramp and seeing Hannah and Lucas create a beautiful mud figurine.

-Dan, Henry, and Leanna

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