Friday, February 23, 2007

Martha's group goes to St. Vincent de Paul

A retroactive entry from Monday:

We started off our first day of service bright and early. We left at 5:50am for the St. VDP Soup Kitchen. When we arrived, we met with Sylvia, the amazing woman who ran the kitchen, who quickly assigned us tasks. Breakfast started promptly at 7:00, and we had many different jobs, such as pouring coffee, serving oatmeal, and helping the elderly/handicapped to their seats. After breakfast was finished, we cleaned up and started preparing food for lunch. Some of us got to go outside to help with handing out clothing. We organized the linen shelves and put hte clothes out for people to choose from. We were ablet o interact with the people choosing clothes by helping them find specific itmes or sizes. We even met a man who was born in Newton. The people working iwth us were very friendly, especially one man who was continually telling us jokes.

Around 12:30, lunch was served, and again we gave food to hundreds of hungry people from many different walks of life. We left around 1:30, utterly exhausted, but with a sense of accomplishment.

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