Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Our accomodations

The San Antonio Mennonite Church upon first appearances pleased everyone. In the front yard there was plenty of space to play frisbee, listen to those playing guitar, or just space to relax in the sunshine (temps were in the 70s both Mon and Tues). On the inside of the church we spread ourselves out on comfortable but somewhat noisy air mattresses. The girls all slept cozily on the floor upstairs while the boys took over the sanctuary. Between the two is a large common room, which we have wonderfuil worships, meals, and games in. Very close to the church are some very fun restaurants and thift shops. Our first night, our hunger was satisfied with delicious "Taco Haven." The next night, 80's night, we all dressed up in 80's attire end enjoyed a nice taco dinner prepared by a group of us, followed by ice cream sundaes. The church has been very relaxing and enjoyable and I am very excited for the rest of the week!

-Hannah C

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