Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Spunkitudes (Ben B's group) go to Catholic Worker House

The trip down was smooth - everyone made it ot the airport in Boston ok - except Anna and Talene, who were sick. The church is comfortable with lots of space - it was nice to arrive here after an hour long bus ride across town from the airport. But it's warm!

Earlier in the week we went to the Catholic Worker House. People we met:


Eva is a homeless woman who has been coming to the Catholic Worker House for 5 years. Everyone who entered the house seemed to know her while she seemed to know their stories. She is an incredibly gregarious persiome who was quick to open up to us. She told us about her difficult childhood, struggles with drugs and depression, and about helping out at the Catholic Worker House. Her spunky attitude (spunkitude) created an uplifting atmosphere that set the tone for a motivating week.

PS - we're not leaving Texas ever.

Nina and Lila

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