Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Monday at the soup kitchen

Lunch at 9:30 sounded good. A wonderful morning was so well spent at St. Vincent de Paul soup kitchen, the largest in San Antonio, serving others we didn't even realize how fast we went. 104 people joined us for breakfast. When we came in at first we hesitantly put out bowls of cereal and milk, coffee, signed in, and took our spots. I was doing coffee, and demand quickly took over supply. Helped by my fellow youth groupers I was able to look up at all the smiles of the hungry, sleepy, but so appreciative people. People were in and out within 15 minutes and we were already cutting potatoes and washing salad. It is hard to imagine the next 4 1/2 hours again. Overall we made close to 180 mustard and bologna sadnwiches, cut 10 lbs bags of chicken, made two huge tubs of salad, veggies, and filled big tubs of cookies. Talent was also taken to our advantage when both groups organized the table of donations (the the point where combs were being reorganized to rainbow order). Once again we took our spots and served another 160 people. Never in my life have I served so many people in a day, in 8 hours, it was wonderful!


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