Saturday, February 24, 2007


Hi parents, families, friends of First Church YGers: Dan here, writing from home, to give out a bit of info on what's going on in hopes that it will ease any worried minds out there. Most of you have probably already heard some or all of this information.

The Northwest group of Carly, Tori, Sophie M, Melanie, Mark, Isaac, Martha, Marilyn and I arrived safely in Boston tonight at a little after 7:00 after surviving a blizzard scare in Minneapolis. We sat for 2+ hours on the runway but did make it out and home safely.

The United group containing everyone else got stuck in Chicago due to the weather conditions and won't be arriving home tonight. The first flight they have been able to book has been for - yes - Tuesday at 9am. The group has found a hotel and has booked 16 rooms for the next three nights. This is obviously a very difficult situation and a logistical nightmare in a lot of ways, but I am happy to report that both the kids and chaperones are doing well. Everyone is safe at the airport and they will soon head to the hotel. An immeasurable wealth of appreciation goes out to the six chaperones who are with the group (Lanier drove on her own): Bev, Ben, Will, Richard, Kate, and John - who are bleary-eyed but maintaining their sense of humor about the situation.

Of course, there is always the possibility that flight plans will change and we will luck out and the group can get on an earlier flight. In addition to the emergency phone tree, this blog will continue to be a way you can get updates on information until the kids get back. I'll be in regular contact with them and will update this as frequently as necessary.

Last night, the one sentiment that everyone kept repeating was, "I don't want the trip to be over." Looks like we've got our wish...and I know that despite the difficulty of this situation, this amazing group will rise to the occasion and make the most of the experience. Believe it or not, the "Lucky Six" from the Northwest flight were actually quite envious of the others!

I'll be at church tomorrow and will be happy to give everyone in-person accounts of our wonderful trip.

Stay tuned....

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