Tuesday, February 20, 2007

San Antonio Food Bank

We (Bev's, Dan's, and Richard's groups) all reached the food bank at 9am and we were greeted by Sean who talked to us about what we would be doing. He greatly motivated all of us with his loud army voice due to the fact that he had come from an army family. We were all arranged in our spots and some of us did packing of cans into boxes with other items. Then other people were sorting items into specific boxes. Some "strong" people (Tim) were designateed to weigh the boxes. At about 12 we all washed the can juices off of our hands and took an hour lunch break, which most of us thought was needed. We all got back to work and ended at 2:30, where we swept and mopped the area. There was a huge wall signed by all the people who had worked/participated there and so we all got to sign it as well. Ross beat us all at writing his name the largest and the highest on the wall. We ended up with a closing speech from Sean and he told us we had provided food for about 1777 people for one week. Overall, I think we left feeling very good about what we had done today.

-Jen L

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