Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Flight information

We will be departing on Sunday morning, February 18 and returning Saturday, February 24. Here is our flight information for any parents who need it:

UNITED Flights (all but 9 people):
Flight 525 departs 2/18 at 6:00am, arrives Chicago 7:43am
Flight 769 departs Chicago at 9:55am, arrives San Antonio at 12:57pm

Flight 538 departs 2/24 at 1:28pm, arrives Chicago at 4:10pm
Flight 878 departs Chicago at 6:00pm, arrives Boston at 9:17pm

NORTHWEST Flights (9 of us traveling on these flights - you know who you are!)
Flight 375 departs 2/18 at 9:05am, arrives Detroit at 11:23am
Flight 1059 departs Detroit at 12:11pm, arrives in San Antonio at 2:28pm

Flight 1543 departs 2/24 at 7:20am, arrives Minneapolis at 10:04am
Flight 182 departs Minneapolist at 1:09pm, arrives Boston at 4:56pm

Parents/carpools please pick up your children at the airport, and be sure to check online or call the airlines ahead for any delays. Thanks!

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